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Side of mashed potatoes and Socal boho lifestyle please and thank you! Hey friend. You found your way to my blog and I'm not sure what's gonna happen here, but I'm sure it'll be interesting. Because, well, life around here is never boring. Feel bring to browse around and find some full galleries on the blog.


Beach Couple | Surf Engagement

When V first mentioned wanting to bring their surf boards along for their engagement session, I knew it was going to be a good one. These lovebirds met and fell in love in sunny Southern California. So nobody’s surprised over here that they turned into the perfect adventurous beach couple. I always love when my couple’s choose locations and “props” that are authentic to who they are. It brings out the real and rawness in their love story.

You wouldn’t have even known it was December when we shot these! These two were both so excited to actually jump in the water. The minute we wrapped their session, they jogged down the beach with boards in hand. As we ended the day together, those two surfed the last daylight hours away, and I sat in the warm car thinking about how lucky I am. I’m so in love with creating beautiful memories and making connections with rad, like-minded couples. Thanks for stopping to read and share in the stoke.

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