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Side of mashed potatoes and Socal boho lifestyle please and thank you! Hey friend. You found your way to my blog and I'm not sure what's gonna happen here, but I'm sure it'll be interesting. Because, well, life around here is never boring. Feel bring to browse around and find some full galleries on the blog.


Soft vintage tones to this bridal series. Recently, I’ve been loving the simple backdrop, and focusing on the soft details of a minimal but perfectly styled bride. These are a few favorites shot of a stunning Claire Pettibone vintage wedding gown. Sharing the love. xx Jenn


Oh hey! Nothing new, just published in GLAMOUR MAGAZINE this year! Who am I kidding. This is the biggest and best thing that’s happened in my photography journey so far. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to shoot with this fabulous influencer couple Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans. These two fell in love […]


Wolf Feather Honey Farm Intimate Wedding. Hints of Anthropologie and bohemian vibes throughout had me googley eyed all day. Not to mention the adorable Ericca and Tanner – the sweetest couple out there! Their young love radiated on their faces, and it was such a pleasure to be with them on their insanely beautiful day. […]