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Side of mashed potatoes and Socal boho lifestyle please and thank you! Hey friend. You found your way to my blog and I'm not sure what's gonna happen here, but I'm sure it'll be interesting. Because, well, life around here is never boring. Feel bring to browse around and find some full galleries on the blog.


Joshua Tree Wedding Photo Bridals

Here comes the bride! And then the whole day is a blur and you barely remember any of it except for the photos your photographer delivers to you weeks later. We know. We’ve been there for it a hundred times. Something, or maybe several things, set you behind.  Before you know you’re scrambling to savor every second of those daylight hours, and be there for your guests. Bridal portraits are stressful enough without the time crunch! Here’s something to think about. Bridal portraits weeks before your actual wedding day, OR after the fact. You’ve got so much on your mind the day of the wedding. It is possible to enjoy it all, and save the full bridal session for a day that’s set aside just for portraits. And we’re here for it! Don’t say we didn’t’ tell you. And hey, we’re all about making them extra special, editorial, and somewhere breathtaking. The possibilities are endless, especially here in Joshua Tree.

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Photography: Jenn Ashley

Gown : Sweet Carolines

Tux: The Black Tux

Wedding Planner: Totem Weddings and Events

Florist: Honeysuckle & Ivy Events


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