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Side of mashed potatoes and Socal boho lifestyle please and thank you! Hey friend. You found your way to my blog and I'm not sure what's gonna happen here, but I'm sure it'll be interesting. Because, well, life around here is never boring. Feel bring to browse around and find some full galleries on the blog.


Malibu Surprise Proposal

The weather could not have been better! The kite boarders were out and folks stopped to enjoy a perfect sunset overlooking the ocean. We parked in front of Neptune’s Net and scoped out the scene. Ryan reached out months ago, and had carefully gone over every detail leading up to this proposal. We had even met him at this very spot weeks prior to his proposal date.

I was so excited waiting with my camera. Butterflies filled my stomach as I waited for my cue from Colin, casually keeping an eye out for the couple. And there it was. The proposal went down effortlessly! Photos to prove it.

Proposal photography coverage is probably our most favorite thing to be a part of. It’s so intimate and raw, and the genuine “she said yes!” moments are so contagious. We always leave sharing the elated feelings of our happy newly engaged couples.

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